Googlenope: The frontier of thought

A “googlenope” is a quoted phrase that returns no hits when “googled”.  This term was coined by Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post.

Alas, Googlenopes are getting harder to find; the explosion of the Web, with its indiscriminate tastes, is herding the noble Googlenope toward extinction.

A Place Called Nope: Gene Weingarten on Googlenopes and Googleyups


Remember When: The birth of micro blogging

Before there was Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, there was the finger protocol and the finger cmd.  The finger cmd was created in 1971 and an RFC (742) came later in 1977.  You provided your status updates using a .project or a .plan file in your home dir.  The contents of those files could be queried by other users.  The origin of the finger cmd is best explained by this posting to the newsgroup alt.folklore.computers from 1990 .  Was this the birth of micro blogging?