Fixing minor (compiz) window-manager issues in Ubuntu’s Unity desktop without logging out

I’m currently using Ubuntu 12.04, the Unity desktop and the compiz window-manager.  If you notice that some of your applications stop “behaving normally” on your Ubuntu Unity desktop, it might be the fault of the compiz window manager.    I will use the phrase “behaving normally” loosely to include any of the following symptoms.

  • The nautilus menubar does not appear when the nautilus window has the focus
  • Right-clicking a file in nautilus does not bring up the usual pop-up window
  • The volume control pop-up stops working in totem movie player when selected
  • In nautilus Paste-into-folder is unexpectedly greyed out but still works 

I could go on, but generally the symptoms involve the loss of pop-up windows and menubars.

I have fixed many of these issues by doing Alt+F2, and typing:

compiz –replace

Or if you have a terminal open, then run:

compiz –replace &

I hope you find this useful.  It doesn’t require you to logout/logon and your apps continue to run.


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